Ginger Snyder Healthy lifestyle
I am a Pilates addict and advocate!  I was fortunate enough to find Michele & Reach Pilates about seven years ago and have been a devoted student ever since. Michele is an outstanding teacher who is devoted to her students and who has helped me tremendously both physically & mentally! Pilates has reshaped, firmed, and tightened my body, improved my posture, and always puts a smile on my face. I look forward to my sessions with Michele with excitement and am never disappointed.

Patricia Buck No more neck pain
I was in two rear-end collisions and had constant neck pain when I started doing Pilates at Reach. I worked slowly at first, gaining strength in my core and in my neck. Within six months, I stopped having pain I was able to pick up my son again. I have been very happy and proud of the strength I have since starting Pilates and know that it is one of the best things I can do for my  body. Thank you Michele!

Stewart Davis Transformational
I was searching for an exercise program that would help me both physically and mentally. I found my answer at Reach Pilates with Michele and the results show. Not only do I think more clearly, but physically, I no longer suffer from the backaches I lived with for years. Michele takes the time to make sure each exercise is done correctly, and more importantly, she takes time to understand the needs of the individual.

Karen Hackett Worth the effort
I had been in severe back pain for years when a friend recommended Reach Pilates and Michele. It took several months of both private lessons and mat classes until I started feeling better, but I have been pain free now for three years. This weekly appointment is one I make sure that I never miss!  My exercise routine has progressed and I am back to activities I haven’t done in a long time. I have a great deal of respect for Michele and her knowledge of Pilates.

Glenda Greenman Increased flexibility
Practicing Pilates at Reach with Michele has brought me peace of body and mind. Michele is an excellent teacher with the ability to motivate and inspire. The serene atmosphere of the studio helps me focus on experiencing Pilates’ benefits to my body and stay in the moment. Exercising twice a week with Pilates has increased my flexibility and upper body strength.

Lori Diaz Pre- and Post-Baby Successes
I have struggled with lower back problems my entire life, so when I became pregnant at 38, I was very concerned that my back would not hold up well during the pregnancy. That is when I found Reach Pilates. I started working with Michele in my first trimester.  I was able to strengthen my core so that, amazingly, I did not have one day of back pain throughout my pregnancy or in the years since! As a nice bonus, Pilates really helped me whittle down my post-baby belly!

Kayleen Mueller Pilates saved me during my pregnancy
I was not is shape when I got pregnant and then after some complications early in the pregnancy, I had 8 weeks of restricted activity. Pilates gave me a way to gain strength to carry a good-sized baby well and without much back pain. I do believe it was Pilates that allowed me the increased strength to stay active. I also very much believe the exercises Michele had me do also helped be during my labor and delivery.
Linda Pindjak Personal attention
Before I found Reach Pilates I was taking classes at the local gym with 20 other people and never fully understanding what I was really supposed to be doing. At Reach Pilates, Michele not only showed me how to do the movements but took the time to show me how to do them correctly. Since attending classes my clothes fit better and I feel better both mentally and physically. Thanks Michele for making Pilates a great and fun experience for me!
Laurie Watson Injury Free
Reach Pilates is the best thing I do for myself. I get a great workout and always feel good afterward. After almost two years and I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. Michele makes sure that I am working at a level that is appropriate for my body and as a result, I have worked out injury free since I started.