It’s about fitness.  It’s about you.

Our aim is simple at Reach Pilates.  We want you to feel great after every workout.  We care about you and listen to your goals and expectations.   We’re fully committed to your physical well being, to helping you identify goals that are right for you.  We’ll design workouts targeted to achieving those goals successfully in an atmosphere that’s safe, caring and professional.

Introductory Personal Fitness Series – $350mat class stretch

Initial Evaluation – a 90 minute session to assess your strength, balance, coordination and flexibility and establish personal fitness goals. You’ll begin learning the basic movements that are the foundation for every Pilates workout.
Individual Sessions – During five individual sessions we’ll explore the treasure trove of exercises in the Pilates repertoire, developing a personalized workout for you incorporating matwork and equipment exercises. We’ll also establish a home exercise program and ongoing fitness plan.

Continuing the journey

Individual Lessons

Private sessions are the best way to learn Pilates, to really understand the mind-body connection that makes this a fitness system unlike any other. During your first few lessons, you’ll be introduced to the Pilates method’s unique concepts and specialized equipment. You’ll get an idea of where your body is in terms of strength and flexibility and be better able to set personal fitness goals with one of Reach’s certified instructors. You’ll be amazed at the transformation you can achieve in a short time with focused effort and attention.

Single Lesson…$70      Monthly Lessons…$60 per Lesson


Luxury Sessions

If you have a nagging, persistent challenge related to your alignment, posture, strength and well-being, treat yourself to a luxury session. It’s the perfect way to problem-solve. The benefit? You will improve the way you feel in your body and in your life. Results can include dramatic realignment of bones that have drifted “out of warranty” and mastery of Pilates skills that have eluded you session after session. Choose a one hour Problem Solving Private to experience no-touch alignment protocols and facilitated stretching that will bring your body back into symmetry. Or, opt for a half-hour Laser-Focused Private to achieve mastery in the Pilates exercise or skill of your choice – Roll-ups, Teasers, Push-Ups – bring ’em on.

Problem Solving Private (one hour)…$85      Laser-Focused Half-Hour Private…$40


Duets and Trios

Duets and Trios are perfect for husbands and wives, parents and children or
friends who want to have fun while getting fit at Reach Pilates. If working out
with a partner really motivates you, duet or trio sessions at the studio are
exactly what you’re looking for. Just like a private session, a duet or trio
will include Pilates exercises on the equipment and mat work to help you get
stronger, leaner, more flexible and coordinated.

Duet (2 people)      Single Lesson…$50/person    Monthly Lessons…$45/person
Trios (3 people)      Single Lesson…$40/person    Monthly Lessons…$35/person