A Professional Studio

Reach Pilates offers a refreshing, peaceful setting dedicated solely to the Pilates method.

A classcial approach to Pilates guarantees that you’ll work on durable, studio-quality equipment to meet your fitness goals.

The studio features Jospeh Pilates’ unique inventions, manufactured by industry leaders Balanced Body, Peak Pilates, Gratz and Tirado;

  • 3 Universal Reformers

  • Trapeze Table (Cadillac)

  • 3 Towers (Wall Units)

  • 3 Wunda Chairs

  • High Chair

  • Arm Chair

  • Ped-o-pole

  • Ladder Barrel

  •  4 Spine Correctors

  • Foot Corrector

  • Sand Bag

Additionally, a full array of small props are used, including;

  • Pilates magic circles
  • Swiss balls
  • A variety of small balls
  • Foam rollers
  • Resistance bands
  • Weights
  • Bosu balance trainers


Committed to your health… and the earth

When we set up the studio we made choices with the most gentle environmental impact.

  • All walls and ceilings were painted with Sherwin Williams Harmony low-VOC paint
  • Ecoworx carpeting by Shaw is PVC free and 100% recyclable
  • All lights are equipped with compact fluorescent bulbs lowering our carbon footprint
  • HEPA filters reduce allergens in the environment
  • Mats are cleaned after every use with Seventh Generation chemical-free wipes
  • Equipment is cleaned after every use with a naturally antibacterial tea tree oil solution
  • We recycle your plastic water bottles as part of our studio recycling program
  • Whenever possible, we buy recycled paper products

We’re concerned about your comfort and health; that’s why we always have exercise mats and drinking water available for you.